Tuesday, 12 February 2013

EYEMAZING, a decade!


A unique moving gallery dedicated to international contemporary photography A 196-pages, high quality, large-format quarterly publication, and Winner of the prestigious international Lucie Award for Best photography magazine. EYEMAZING high production values and unique approach make the publication more than simply a magazine: it is a Gallery-on-paper, and a highly collectible cutting-edge photography bookazine. EYEMAZING readers include collectors, critics, curators, artists, and leading art and photography professionals.


Extract of the Miami Art Fair Review by Alex Novak, director of the Contemporary and Vintage Works, one the largest US photography dealers.
“……Besides the fine galleries here, there were some publications exhibiting at Photo Miami. This is where I met Susan Zadeh, publisher of Amsterdam-based "Eyemazing". If you want to get the most interesting, sensual and beautiful contemporary art photography publication in the world, you should contact Zadeh. She has been publishing the magazine since 2003. A thick, oversized and lushly printed colour magazine. I am not often impressed these days with print media (some call it dead media), but the work in this Dutch publication (although the editorial is entirely in English) is startling and not for the faint of heart. Published quarterly, this is work you probably will not see everywhere, but it is selected with surprising restraint and a critical eye. Intermixed are excellent and intelligent interviews with key artists, curators and dealers. If you really want to know what is happening out there with contemporary art photography and to see some of the most cutting edge images currently being made, then you should subscribe to this publication. By the way, this is not an ad, just my personal enthusiasm for the publication……”
(Published in “I Photo Central” newsletter:


2008, EYEMAZING winner of:
The prestigious Lucie Award for best photography magazine. 

2010, EYEMAZING winner of:
The International Sappi Awards for best printed magazine.
2011, EYEMAZING nominated for:
Lucie Award, best magazine of the year.

EYEMAZING is a Registrated Trademark:

Reg.No.: 006943674(OHIM-International Marks and Designs)
Reg.No.: 3,709,700(United States of America)
Reg.No.:8985264&8985265( Republic of China)